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Bell Bullitt Command Gloss Vintage White Oxblood Blue Full Face Helmet

Bell Bullitt Command Gloss Vintage White Oxblood Blue Full Face Helmet

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Bell Bullitt Command Gloss Vintage White Oxblood Blue Helmet Full Face Helmet

The Bullitt is often described as "the coolest helmet on the planet," and that pretty much sums up this retro-style lid with modern safety standards and conveniences. The Bullitt opens up visibility with a wide aperture, making this helmet feel more like an open face helmet, so you can soak in the scenery and harness the true spirit of the ride.

The Bullitt is an iconic product, a helmet rooted in a storied past mixed with a style and design that could best be described as retro-future. Inspired by the legendary Bell Star helmets of the 60s and 70s, the Bullitt became an instant classic the moment it hit the streets. We use only the highest-quality ingredients, right down to the last stitch of its genuine leather interior, to create this functional work of art. Available in carbon fiber and featuring many shield options to further customize this one-of-a-kind helmet, no matter what, how, or where you ride, the Bullitt is in a class by itself. 

Safety features

The Bullitt is a full-face helmet from Bell. Compared to other types of helmets, full face helmets provide the best overall protection as they cover your entire head and face. When choosing a new helmet and when safety is your top priority, a full-face helmet is always the right choice. The main task of a helmet is, of course, to provide protection. This Bullitt is made from a fiberglass/fiber mix blend and is generally stronger than a polycarbonate shell. These helmets are lightweight, durable and somewhat flexible, giving them excellent impact absorption.

The chinstrap closure is an important part of the helmet's effectiveness in the event of a fall, and it's also the part you interact with the most when donning and doffing the helmet. The Bullitt has a Double-D buckle. This is the oldest type of buckle and, compared to the other types of chinstrap closures, has the simplest design. Yet today it is considered one of the safest closures. In addition, Double-D chinstraps are the only type of buckle allowed on the track.

All helmets in our collection are certified and legal for European roads. This helmet is ECE 22.05 approved.Note: The pictures show the helmet with a sticker on the back with DOT approval. However, the helmet we sell is only ECE approved.

The visor

A transparent visor is supplied as standard with this helmet. A transparent visor offers optimal vision without hindrance from reflections and is the safest for night riding.


Besides safety, comfort is the key to any good helmet, that's why this helmet is equipped with a ventilation system with 1 intake port and 1 exhaust port to keep your head fresh and cool. In addition, the helmet is equipped with a removable inner lining, which makes it possible to wash the interior and keep it fresh.


This helmet has a number of nice features that immediately catch the eye when you see this helmet for the first time. First of all, of course, the beautiful red and blue stripes across the middle of the helmet, all the way to the back. The red and blue color matches perfectly with the vintage white color of the rest of the helmet. The glossy finish also ensures that the colors really stand out. In addition, the helmet has to rely on the smaller details such as the chic silver hinge point of the visor and the white Bell logo on the front of the helmet.

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